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About Us

ZeBrand is a branding app for early stage businesses. We make your vision powerful and clear.

It is crucial for startups to move fast and try fast. However, to be a successful and sustainable brand, they cannot ignore creating branding that connects with target users. To speed up the branding part with less resources, ZeBrand can be a great tool for startups.

Here are some ways that businesses can benefit from ZeBrand’s Brand Toolkit service:

✅ If a company is unclear of their mission, vision, or core brand values, ZeBrand will ask a few questions to help clarify and sort out answers. These will then inform and be included in the toolkit as a brand statement.

✅ If a startup has tentatively decided on a logo but feeling unsure or lukewarm about it, ZeBrand can take the current logo into consideration and then suggest different options.

✅ If a company lacks design talent or is unsure of what visual cues to use, ZeBrand will suggest sets of colors and typography pairings to best suit their needs.

Please give us your feedback

We're working on a bunch of exciting improvements for our next update. To make ZeBrand the best possible tool for you, please take a few minutes to let us know your thoughts.

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