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Track your brand’s performance over time with Brand Score.
Brand Score is a tool that provides objective feedback on your brand so that you can refine and strengthen your brand over time.
v1.02 (Updated September 13 2022)
What is Brand Score?

A brand is never a finished product. As the people and world around it changes, it must evolve and adapt to changing perceptions. That is why we’ve introduced Brand Score as a tool for better understanding the state of your brand over time.

Maintaining a high Brand Score over a long period of time indicates that your brand is working. The more you refine and revisit your brand, ZeBrand is able to capture the data necessary to update your score.

How to interpret your Brand Score:
  • 0~24: You have some work to do! Revisit your Brand DNA modules to improve your score.
  • 25~44: You’re just getting started. Keep working on your brand to improve your score.
  • 45~59: Getting there! Keep reworking your brand to improve the score.
  • 60~79: Looking good! Your brand is almost there. Keep up the good work.
  • 80~100: Fantastic! Your brand is in great shape.
When Brand Scores are evaluated:
Your Brand Score is updated in real-time, reflecting your brand's latest activities and progress in a tangible, numerical score. You may view your past scores, which are archived weekly and updated each Sunday at 12am UTC. Please note that brand feedback and data will be averaged over several months, so even if there is no activity within the week, your score will not drop down to zero.
How Brand Scores are evaluated:
Your Score is broken down into the following categories:
Brand Strategy (Internal effectiveness)
Visual Identity (Internal effectiveness)
Delivering the Brand (External effectiveness)
This means that your overall Score is based on two criteria: The first is its internal effectiveness, which measures how well the brand is being expressed and understood as intended by its internal team, both in Brand Strategy and Visual Identity. The second is external effectiveness, which looks at how your audience views your brand. This is measured with input gathered through your Brand Feedback results.
Scoring Breakdown:
Brand Strategy: Internal Effectiveness
  • High level of satisfaction with the content in your Brand Strategy
  • The content is regularly reviewed and edited.
Evaluation Criteria:
  • Brand Page viewership
  • Effectiveness of the Mission
  • Effectiveness of the Vision
  • Effectiveness of Core Values
  • Effectiveness of the Brand Story
Visual Identity: Internal Effectiveness
  • High level of satisfaction with the content in your Visual Identity
  • The content is regularly reviewed and edited
Evaluation Criteria:
  • Brand Page viewership
  • Effectiveness of Logo
  • Effectiveness of Color
  • Effectiveness of Typography
  • Effectiveness of Photography
Delivering the Brand: External effectiveness
  • The brand is reaching the right target audience
  • The brand’s Visual Identity and Strategy are well received by audiences
Evaluation Criteria:
  • Target audience reach
  • Feedback on Mission
  • Feedback on Logo
  • Feedback on Font
  • Feedback on overall brand impression
  • Likelihood of recommending to a friend
Any Questions?
Feel free to reach out to our Support team for further information and details!