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Monetize your audience reach and earn commissions for each new ZeBrand member who signs up through a referral link on your site. Learn more about how to succeed as an affiliate in our quick guide below.

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Step 1

Apply to the ZeBrand
Affiliate Program

Our program is free to join with no minimum sales requirements. Simply apply by filling out an application form through the link below.

Once you apply, we will review your application within 5 business days and send you a confirmation email with a registration link for you to complete the process.

Please ensure that you review the terms and conditions of the program in advance.

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Step 2

Collect your

As a ZeBrand affiliate, you'll be given a unique access code that you can share with your audience or community. A commission will qualify when a user signs up for ZeBrand and enrolls in a paid plan via your unique access code. As an affiliate, you will receive 20% of the sale amount.

※1 For subscriptions, only the first year amount applies.
※2 The percentage of revenue could be adjusted at any time according to conditions.

Affiliates will have access to all of ZeBrand's images, promotional messages and guidelines for the use of their communications.

Tips for success
as an affiliate partner

Create content that
best appeals to you and your audience.
Content can come in many forms
such as blogs, videos, or webinars.
Here are some ideas for how to creatively promote ZeBrand to your audience
and get them to try us out.

Video Tutorials

Online tutorials provide high value to your viewers and high returns for increased traffic to your site. Inform users by teaching them the benefits of using a ZeBrand Strategy board, or what Brand Assets are available for download. Better yet, share your own experience in using the product. Remember to include your affiliate link somewhere in your video. You will be given a set of rules and content creation guidance once you successfully enroll in the Affiliate Program.


Webinars are increasingly used for streaming content for an online audience. Create a quick presentation in the form of a knowledge-share or an instructional tutorial to engage and inspire your audience. Hosting a webinar is also a great way to lead traffic to your affiliate links.

There are many free tools to help you put together a webinar, such as GotoWebinar, Google Hangouts, Easy Webinar, Zoom, and many more.

Blog Post

Writing a detailed blog post is a great way to share content if you're not as comfortable in front of a live camera. Some thought starters for effective blog posts include: comparing various digital marketing tools and how ZeBrand stands out from the crowd, writing an in-depth review of your experience using the product, or a personal success story of how ZeBrand has helped you grow as an entrepreneur.

Increasing Traffic and Referrals

Here are ideas to further spread the word and widen your reach
so that people can easily find the affiliate links.

Create a mailing list

By using a newsletter service like Mailchimp, you can set up a mailing list to regularly engage and educate your audience and send them reminders when you need it.

Offer educational
resources and bonuses

Everyone loves free advice. As a way to attract referrals, offer your audience some tips and bonus material to equip them with the tools to be a successful entrepreneur.Some ideas include: a quick consultation session over video chat, supplementary educational materials, tips and tricks of how to be successful on ZeBrand, or showcasing ZeBrand success stories on your own platforms.

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