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You don’t need design skills to start branding. Just answer a few basic questions about your business and we’ll help shape your brand from there.


Generate a unique
Brand Toolkit

Our original algorithm works with you to suggest an optimum set of brand elements—including design layouts, color, and typography—so you can achieve a consistent look across your brand.

Get your own Brand Toolkit
Share with your team and use your own brand assets


Share with your team
to get them on board

Use the Brand Toolkit to align and empower your team so that everyone is on the same page when they hit the ground running.

Why Make a Brand Toolkit?

To Rally Your Team

To Rally Your Team

Having a clear framework for your brand helps rally your team around mutual understanding, shared values, and a sense of purpose.

To Create a Holistic Look

To Create a Holistic Look

By using and adhering to the suggested brand elements, your brand will design itself through visual cohesion, thereby strengthening your overall brand impression.

To Maximize Efficiency

To Maximize Efficiency

Branding a business can be time consuming and downright intimidating. ZeBrand gives you all the bare-bone basics you need to get it up and running while you focus on other important things.

It’s Free!

We want to make branding possible for every self-starter. That's why
ZeBrand is free, with no strings attached. Just help us spread the word.

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