100+ Examples of Vision Statements from Global Brands

100+ Examples of Vision Statements from Global Brands

Great vision statements manage to inspire employees and consumers.

Crafting an effective vision statement is like painting an intriguing and promising future for all to see, believe in, and aspire to. It is something derived from the core values that you believe your company will attain.

Vision statements are important to a business because:

  • It attracts passionate, ambitious, and capable employees.
  • Targets the right customers.
  • Sets a clear big picture leaving no room for ambiguity.
  • Helps to compare the real achievements and expected achievements.
  • Helps align resources and invest the resources carefully.
  • Helps to instill strategic leadership.
  • Creates a legacy for your business.
  • Provides a roadmap to look up to during difficult times.

Below we've laid out more than a hundred examples of vision statements to help inspire you. We hope it can be a guide for you to come up with a unique and powerful vision statement of your own.

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01. Fashion Vision Statement Examples

clothing rack fashion brands

Ralph Lauren's Vision Statement

"To be a global leader in the design, marketing, and distribution of premium lifestyle products."

Gucci's Vision Statement

"One of the world’s most desirable fashion houses. Eclectic, contemporary, romantic—Gucci products represent the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship and are unsurpassed for their quality and attention to detail."

Warby Parker's Vision Statement

"We believe that buying glasses should be easy and fun. It should leave you happy and good-looking, with money in your pocket. We also believe that everyone has the right to see."

ROLEX's Vision Statement

"To promote excellence as a long-lasting tradition."

Tom Ford's Vision Statement

"To be the first true luxury brand of the 21st century."

02. Beauty Vision Statement Examples

beauty make up clean skincare

L’Oréal's Vision Statement

"Driving the cosmetic industry with an inclination on sustainability."

Dior's Vision Statement

"To become the world’s most popular brand in all products that enhance their lifestyle."

Nude by Nature's Vision Statement

"To be Australi##1 skincare and beauty company that offers 100% natural and toxin-free soap, bath, and beauty products, while empowering others to make a positive impact in the world."

Unilever's Vision Statement

"To make sustainable living commonplace. We believe this is the best long-term way for our business to grow.


"To become the number one brand worldwide inspired by natural beauty in the consumer products segment thanks to its product formulation and its responsible and ethical commitments.

03. Gaming Vision Statement Examples

playstation game controller

Nintendo's Vision Statement

"Putting Smiles on the faces of everyone Nintendo touches."

Sony's Vision Statement

"Our vision is to use our passion for technology, content, and services to deliver kando, in ways that only Sony can."

Nvidia's Vision Statement

"We foster an environment that motivates our employees, empowering them to work as one integrated team."

HBG Gaming's Vision Statement

"To become a leader in terms of quality of service and entertainment by developing talent and professional skills."

Tencent's Vision Statement

"User value is our guiding principle, we strive to incorporate social responsibility into our products and services."

04. Technology Vision Statement Examples

google apple microsfot laptop tech

Microsoft's Vision Statement

"To help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential."

Intel's Vision Statement

"If it is smart and connected, it is best with Intel."

Apple's Vision Statement

"We believe that we are on the face of the earth to make great products and that’s not changing."

Google's Vision Statement

"To provide access to the world’s information in one click## GoDaddy "Radically shift the global economy toward small business by empowering people to easily start, confidently grow, and successfully run their own ventures."

LinkedIn's Vision Statement

"Create economic opportunities for every member of the global workforce."

Instagram's Vision Statement

"To solve three simple problems "Mobile photos always come out looking mediocre. Our awesome-looking filters transform your photos into professional-looking snapshots. Sharing on multiple platforms is a pain – we help you take a picture once, then share it (instantly) on multiple services. Most uploading experiences are clumsy and take forever – we’ve optimized the experience to be fast and efficient."

Vodafone's Vision Statement

"To be the communications leader in an increasingly connected world"

05. Lifestyle Vision Statement Examples

hiking wildlife lifestyle girl sitting in hammock

Patagonia's Vision Statement

"Use of all its resources to protect life on Earth."

Volcom's Vision Statement

"Turn obstacles into opportunity, a creative courage to tempt the impossible and embrace the strange."

Red Bull's Vision Statement

"To upholding Red Bull standards while maintaining the leadership position in the energy drinks category when delivering superior customer service in a highly efficient and profitable manner."

IKEA's Vision Statement

"To create a better everyday life for many people."

Vans's Vision Statement

"To enable creative expression – and inspire youth culture – by celebrating and encouraging the Off the Wall attitude that comes from expressing your true self."

06. Art Vision Statement Examples

colorful abstract art

Contemporary Visual Arts Network (CVAN) Vision Statement

"Embraces the broadest range of visual arts expression in a multi-disciplinary, innovative, and resilient contemporary visual arts practice."

Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) Department of Art and Design Vision Statement

"The Department of Art and Design will lead in promoting the visual arts by fostering critical and creative thinking, artistic expression, effective communication, cultural awareness, and community engagement."

Nevue Fine Art Marketing (NFAM) Vision Statement

"Providing valuable information to help all artists reach their goals and live their dreams."

07. Education Statement Examples

Bookstore education learning

Stanford University's Vision Statement

"A purposeful university knowledge, learning & innovation for a rapidly changing world."

Harvard University's Vision Statement

"To set the standard for residential liberal arts and sciences education."

Grammarly's Vision Statement

"In building a product that scales across multiple platforms and devices, Grammarly works to empower users whenever and wherever they communicate. Grammarly aims to build a comprehensive, AI-based communication assistant that helps people connect with and understand one another."

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Vision Statement

"To make a better world through education, research, and innovation."

Cambridge University's Vision Statement

"To enhance our reputation as a world-class teaching and research institution which is recognized for its innovation, excellence, and discovery, and attracts the best students and staff worldwide."

08. Music Vision Statement Examples

music headphones yellow

Spotify's Vision Statement

"We envision a cultural platform where professional creators can break free of their medium’s constraints and where everyone can enjoy an immersive artistic experience that enables us to empathize with each other and to feel part of a greater whole."

Original Allstars Music's Vision Statement

"To provide young people across the UK with the venues, resources, and support they need to fulfill their potential as musicians and enrich their communities with their music."

Ray's Midbell Music's Vision Statement

"To be the first source for everything musical in Siouxland and beyond."

Music For All's Vision Statment

"To provide national programs that recognize and support music students' performance and success, offer music educator training and professional development, and deliver tools and resources to participants and their communities that will assist them in supporting music education by promoting awareness of music’s impact on student growth and achievement."

Warner Music Group's Vision Statement

"Our vision to transform Warner Music Group into the leading music content provider for today's rapidly evolving digital world is quickly becoming a reality."

08. Entertainment Vision Statement Examples

Netflix TV Entertainment

Disney's Vision Statement

"To be one of the world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment and information."

Netflix's Vision Statement

"Becoming the best global entertainment distribution service."

Facebook's Vision Statement

"People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them."

Snapchat's Vision Statement

"To transform the world of camera communication through interactive features."

09. Food Vision Statement Examples

starbucks logo storefront

Burger King's Vision Statement

"To be the most profitable QSR business, through a strong franchise system and great people, serving the best burgers in the world."

McDonald's Vision Statement

"To move with velocity to drive profitable growth and become an even better McDonald’s serving more customers delicious food each day around the world."

Starbucks' Vision Statement

"To establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining our uncompromising principles while we grow."

Whole Foods' Vision Statement

"To set the standards of excellence for food retailers. We are building a business in which high standards permeate all aspects of our company. Quality is a state of mind at Whole Foods Market."

Cadbury's Vision Statement

"Working together to create brands people love."

10. Consulting Vision Statement Examples

two men consulting

Accenture's Vision Statement

"To become one of the world’s leading companies, bringing innovations to improve the way the world works and lives."

McKinsey & Company's Vision Statement

"To help create positive, enduring change in the world."

Deloitte's Vision Statement

"We aspire to be the Standard of Excellence, the first choice of the most sought-after clients and talent."

PWC's Vision Statement

"To build trust in the digital society through a quality-driven approach for it is the most critical foundation for our business."

11. Photography Vision Statement Examples

camera lens photography

Matterport's Vision Statement

"Transform the way people interact with the places they inhabit and explore."

Bambini Photography's Vision Statement

"Making memories, telling your stories through quality professional photography lasting for generations to come."

Media Prima's Vision Statement

"To be the leading digital-first content and commerce company."

Grand Valley State University's Vision Statement

"The Photography program at Grand Valley will continue to develop as the regional center of respected photographic and visual communication studies that promote professional versatility, critical awareness, and life-long learning. The Photography program will contribute to the profession and the vitality of the community, as demonstrated through student achievement and placement, faculty development and creative activity, and participation in the regional culture and society."

12. Restaurants Vision Statement Examples

restaurant table food

Cheesecake Factory's Vision Statement

"Through a shared commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to the uncompromising quality of our food, service, people, and profit, while taking exceptional care of our guests and staff. We will continuously strive to surpass our accomplishments and be recognized as a leader in our industry."

Dairy Queen's Vision Statement

"To be the world’s favorite quick-service restaurant."

Subway's Vision Statement

"Be ##1 Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) franchise in the world, while delivering fresh, delicious sandwiches and an exceptional experience."

Wendy’s Vision Statement

"To be the quality leader in everything we do."

Taco Bell's Vision Statement

"To grow into the largest fast-food provider of Mexican-style cuisine in emerging markets."

13. Sports Vision Statement Examples

track runner sport

Nike's Vision Statement

"Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world."

Adidas' Vision Statement

"To be the design leaders with a focus on getting the best out of the athletes with performance guaranteed products in the sports market globally."

Puma's Vision Statement

"To be the most desirable and sustainable sports lifestyle company in the world."

Reebok's Vision Statement

"Reebok is dedicated to providing each and every athlete - from professional athletes to recreational runners to kids on the playground - with the opportunity, the products, and the inspiration to achieve what they are capable of. Everyone has the potential to do great things. As a brand, Reebok has the unique opportunity to help consumers, athletes and artists, partners and employees fulfill their true potential and reach heights they may have thought un-reachable."

14. Construction Vision Statement Examples

construction company

Bechtel's Vision Statement

"Be the world’s premier engineering, construction, and project management organization by achieving extraordinary results for our customers, building satisfying careers for our people, and earning a fair return on the value we deliver."

Caterpillar's Vision Statement

"Be the global leader in customer value."

VINCI's Vision Statement

"To be the preferred construction and facilities partner for our clients and to be the benchmark against which our competitors are measured."

Fort Construction's Vision Statement

"To be the builder of choice for value-minded clients and high-performing employees."

Wenco Construction's Vision Statement

"To be the preferred contractor of choice. A company that our customers want to work with and our employees are proud to work for."

15. Jewelry Vision Statement Examples

wedding ring jewelry

Sif Jakobs' Vision Statement

"To be one of the most recognized affordable luxury jewelry brands worldwide."

Titan's Vision Statement

"We create elevating experiences for the people we touch and significantly impact the world we work in."

Tiffany & Co's Vision Statement

"Collaborate with other forward-looking leaders in the jewelry industry and with nongovernmental organizations in order to positively influence the entire jewelry supply chain."

Hermes' Vision Statement

"Be the most customer-centric company in bringing Russian made products to the global landscape."

16. Fitness Vision Statement Examples

apple watch heartbeat fitness health

Fitbit's Vision Statement

"We remain focused on delivering innovative products consumers love and are confident in our vision for the future."

Amer Sports' Vision Statement

"The Amer Sports vision is to be the industry’s leading sports company, fueled by authentic brands that inspire athletic achievement and enjoyment."

BPI Sports' Vision Statement

"Build the best product, stand behind what you make, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the human physique, and above all else- Make a difference."

Inform Fitness' Vision Statement

"Pioneer a sea change in the mindset of popular exercise culture to where the primary objective of the exercise is to build and maintain muscular strength."

17. Retail Vision Statement Examples

shopping carts

Amazon's Vision Statement

"To be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online."

Walmart's Vision Statement

"Be the destination for customers to save money, no matter how they want to shop."

Costco's Vision Statement

"To provide a wide selection of merchandise, plus the convenience and exclusive member services, all designed to make the shopping experience pleasurable."

Shopify's Vision Statement

"Make commerce better for everyone, so businesses can focus on what they do best "building and selling their products."

Walgreens' Vision Statement

"To be America’s most-loved pharmacy-led health, well-being, and beauty company."

18. Apparel Vision Statement Examples

clothing rack

Versace's Vision Statement

"To make women and men feel beautiful and empowered, the House of Versace is an established fashion force that continues to inspire both trends and people."

Burberry's Vision Statement

"To establish Burberry’s position firmly in luxury fashion. By sharpening our positioning in the most rewarding and enduring segment of the market, we will drive sustainable growth and higher margins over time, while continuing to deliver attractive returns."

Nordstrom's Vision Statement

"We believe fashion is a business of optimism, and in that spirit, we continue to grow and evolve. Free shipping and free returns, mobile shopping, and exciting new retail partnerships offer us continued opportunities to serve more customers in more ways with a fresh, relevant shopping experience and inspiring style. Fashion changes. Shopping changes. Our commitment to happy customers doesn’t."

Levis' Vision Statement

"We are the embodiment of the energy and events of our times, inspiring people with a pioneering spirit."

H&M's Vision Statement

"Lead the transition to circular and renewable fashion while being a good and equal business."

19. Real Estate Vision Statement Examples

birds eye view community homes houses

Inspirited Real Estate Services' Vision Statement

"To become the leading Real Estate company in Africa providing world-class Real Estate services that meet our clients’ needs at all times."

Greenland Australia's Vision Statement

"Greenland Australia’s vision is to become a leading Australian property developer with a well-earned reputation to match."

Chantel Ray Real Estate's Vision Statement

"To be the only TRUE real estate franchise that provides an EXCELLENT & CONSISTENT customer experience 100% of the time."

Cambridge Real Estate's Vision Statement

"To establish a boutique real estate company with a strong local brand with experienced staff and offering exceptional service."

20. Health Vision Statement Examples

healhy nutrition

Vega's Vision Statement

"To develop innovative and valued medicines to become a prominent and technologically advanced organization in the Pharmaceutical industry and make significant contributions to society by providing better life through effective utilization of its strength."

WHO's Vision Statement

"All people everywhere will have access to a skilled, motivated, and supported health worker, within a robust health system."

Kellogg's Vision Statement

"To enrich and delight the world through foods and brands that matter."

Mayo Clinic's Vision Statement

"Mayo Clinic will provide an unparalleled experience as the most trusted partner for health care."

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Vision Statement

"Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families."

21. Finance Vision Statement Examples

dollar signs

Bank of China's Vision Statement

"Drawing strength from our rich history, we will be the best, most admired, and innovative financial services institution, partnering with our customers, employees, and shareholders in wealth and value creation."

Lexmark's Vision Statement

"To be the world’s best global imaging solutions company."

BPIMS insurance's Vision Statement

"To be the leading non-life insurance company in the Philippines in terms of professional competence, service quality, responsible corporate citizenry, and overall growth and stability."

Coinbase's Vision Statement

"Digital currency will bring about more innovation, efficiency, and equality of opportunity in the world by creating an open financial system."

22. Healthcare Vision Statement Examples

healthcare thermometer hospital

Alzheimer’s Association's Vision Statement

"A world without Alzheimer’s and all other dementia."

Grace Health's Vision Statement

"A community in which all people achieve their full potential for health and well-being across the lifespan. We work to be trusted by patients, valued partners in the community, and creators of positive change."

Fox Chase Cancer Center's Vision Statement

"To be a regional, national, and international leader in oncology nursing care and services."

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital's Vision Statement

"To accelerate progress against catastrophic disease at a global level."

Kaiser Permanente's Vision Statement

"We are trusted partners in total health, collaborating with people to help them thrive and creating communities that are among the healthiest in the nation."

23. Automobile Vision Statement Examples

tesla red car

Tesla's Vision Statement

"To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy."

Ford's Vision Statement

"People working together as a lean, global enterprise to make people’s lives better through automotive and mobility leadership."

Audi's Vision Statement

"Audi-the premium brand."

BMW's Vision Statement

"To be the most successful premium manufacturer in the industry."

Toyota USA's Vision Statement

"To be the most successful and respected car company in America."

Craft Your Vision Statement

Defining your vision enables you to define a clear direction. ZeBrand provides a framework to help you craft your brand story to share with the world. Use the examples as a guide to put your vision into words and start taking action toward a world that you envision.

100+ Examples of Vision Statements from Brands Around the Globe