100+ Tagline Examples from Global Brands

100+ Tagline Examples from Global Brands

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A tagline, also known as a slogan, is a brief statement or phrase that summarizes a brand's essence and purpose. In today's highly competitive marketplace, a right tagline can distinguish between being remembered or forgotten. As a result, it is a crucial component of a brand's identity, setting the tone for all its marketing and advertising efforts.

In this blog post, we have compiled 100+ examples of catchy tagline from some of the world's most well-known brands. This list showcases the diversity of brand voices and personalities, from technology giants to retail behemoths. This post will inspire you to think creatively about your brand's tagline and how it can help you stand out. So, without further ado, let's dive into the world of brand slogans!

01. Fashion Tagline Examples

Fashion Tagline Examples

Gucci's Tagline

"Tradition Meets Innovation"

Warby Parker's Tagline

"Stylish Eyewear, Unbeatable Prices, Doing Good"


"Precision and Beauty, Reimagined"

Tom Ford's Tagline

"Fashion and Lifestyle, Redefined"

Louis Vuitton's Tagline

"Travel with Style"

Prada's Tagline

"From Passion to Fashion"

The common theme among these fashion company's slogan is a focus on high-quality, stylish products that blend tradition and innovation to create a unique, aspirational lifestyle. Many of the memorable tagline also emphasize the premium nature of the products and the attention to detail that goes into their design and manufacture. The taglines also suggest a connection between fashion and luxury, and often suggest that the products are more than just practical items, but are instead an important part of an overall lifestyle.

02. Beauty Tagline Examples

Beauty Tagline Examples

L’Oréal's Tagline

"Because You're Worth It"

Dior's Tagline

"Elegance, Freedom, Creativity"

Nude by Nature's Tagline

"Nature's Own Beauty"

Unilever's Tagline

"Making Sustainability a Reality"

MAC Cosmetics Tagline

"All Ages, All Races, All Genders"

Many of the beauty slogans and taglines focus on the idea of enhancing one's natural beauty and promoting self-worth. A great example from L'Oréal, specifically emphasize the value of the individual. Others, such as Dior and MAC Cosmetics, highlight inclusivity and diversity. A common theme among the catchy slogans is the connection to nature and sustainability, as seen in Nude by Nature and Unilever.

03. Gaming Tagline Examples

Gaming Tagline Examples

Nintendo's Tagline

"Play Together, Anytime, Anywhere"

Sony's Tagline

"Make. Believe."

Nvidia's Tagline

"The Way It's Meant to Be Played"

HBG Gaming's Tagline

"Where Gamers Come to Play"

Tencent's Tagline

"Connecting the World, Creating Value"

Electronic Arts (EA) Tagline

"Fueled by Passion. Driven by Innovation."

Rockstar Games Tagline

"Bringing Gaming to Life."

Ubisoft's Tagline

"Playing is Believing."

Activision's Tagline

"Think Big. Play Bigger."

2K Games Tagline

"Elevate Your Game."

The best brand slogans for the gaming industry focus on bringing people together through gaming and creating an immersive experience. They highlight the idea of playing games in a way that is meant to be experienced, with high-quality graphics, and innovative gameplay. They also emphasize the importance of creating a sense of community and connection between gamers, and showcase their commitment to delivering the best possible gaming experience. The catchy taglines also often emphasize the passion and creativity behind the development of the games, and highlight their drive for innovation and growth in the industry.

04. Technology Tagline Examples

Technology Tagline Examples

Microsoft's Tagline

"Empowering People to Achieve More"

Intel's Tagline

"Leap Ahead"

Apple's Tagline

"Think Different"

Google's Tagline

"Do the Right Thing"

GoDaddy's Tagline

"The World's Largest Platform for Small Businesses"

LinkedIn's Tagline

"Connecting the World's Professionals to Make Them More Productive and Successful"

Instagram's Tagline

"Bringing You Closer to the People and Things You Love"

Vodafone's Tagline

"Power to You"

The technology brand slogan examples share a common theme of empowering people, providing solutions, and making life easier. They aim to position themselves as companies that provide innovative technology and help people achieve their goals and aspirations. They also emphasize connecting people and providing opportunities for growth and success. Many of these great tagline also use words like "power," "leap," and "ahead," suggesting that the companies aim to be at the forefront of their respective industries and offer cutting-edge technology.

05. Lifestyle Tagline Examples

Lifestyle Tagline Examples

Volcom's Tagline

"True to This"

Red Bull's Tagline

"Gives You Wings"

IKEA's Tagline

"Affordable Solutions for Better Living"

Vans's Tagline

"Off the Wall Since '66"

Muji's Tagline

"Less is More"

Pottery Barn's Tagline

"Discover Your Style"

Many lifestyle brand taglines emphasize the idea of individuality and personal style, whether through offering affordable solutions for better living, encouraging self-expression through their products, or inspiring customers to discover their own unique style. Additionally, many of these taglines evoke a sense of playfulness, creativity, and energy, conveying a message of freedom and self-expression toward their target audience through their products

06. Art Tagline Examples

Art Tagline Examples

Eastern Kentucky University Department of Art and Design's Tagline

"Cultivating Creativity and Vision"

Nevue Fine Art Marketing's Tagline

"Helping Artists Build their Legacy"

Museum of Modern Art's Tagline

"Making the familiar strange and the strange familiar."

Art Institute of Chicago's Tagline

"Inspiring creativity for over a century."

"Where masterpieces live."

Metropolitan Museum of Art's Tagline

"Discover. Connect. Create."

"See the world differently."

The brand slogan effectively convey the mission and values of these organizations, while also appealing to their target audience - art enthusiasts and creators. The catchy taglines aim to inspire creativity, promote the appreciation of art, and highlight the unique experiences that these organizations offer. By emphasizing the value of art, they aim to create a connection with their audience and provide them with a memorable experience. These taglines showcase the diversity and richness of the art world and invite individuals to explore the many different forms of art and connect with it on a deeper level.

07. Education Tagline Examples

Education Tagline Examples

Stanford University's Tagline

"Change Lives. Change the World."

Harvest University's Tagline

"Transforming Minds, Transforming Lives"

Grammarly's Tagline

"Empowering Your Writing"

Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Tagline

"Leading in Innovation"

Cambridge University's Tagline

"Where World-Class Research Meets Cutting-Edge Teaching"

Khan Academy's Tagline

"A free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere."

Coursera's Tagline

"Better lives through learning."

EdX's Tagline

"Empowering individuals worldwide through education."

Udemy's Tagline

"Empowering through education."

Duolingo's Tagline

"Learn a language for free. Forever."

These different slogans play a crucial role in capturing the essence of an educational institution or platform, conveying its unique value proposition, and connecting with students and learners in a memorable and meaningful way. These great taglines highlight the brand's commitment to providing high-quality education, its role in empowering individuals and transforming lives, and its ability to deliver education that meets the needs and goals of its students. They also emphasize the brand's focus on innovation, its world-class resources, and its ability to provide education that is accessible and inclusive to all.

08. Music Tagline Examples

Music Tagline Examples

Spotify's Tagline

"Music for everyone."

YouTube's Tagline

"Broadcast yourself."

Warner Music Group's Tagline

"Bringing you the best in music."

Soundcloud's Tagline

"Soundcloud - Hear the world's sounds."

Pandora's Tagline

"Music that gets you."

iHeartRadio's Tagline

"The only app you need for free music and radio."

Tidal's Tagline

"High fidelity music streaming."

Amazon Music's Tagline

"The soundtrack of your life."

Google Play Music's Tagline

"All of your music, all in one place."

Deezer's Tagline

"Your music, your way."

The best slogans from the music industry highlight the brand's ability to provide a vast selection of music, its commitment to high-quality sound and streaming, and its ability to deliver music that meets the needs and tastes of listeners. They also emphasize the brand's accessibility, user-friendliness, and its role in helping people discover new music and artists.

09. Entertainment Taglines

Entertainment Taglines

Disney's Tagline

"The magic of Disney is here."

Netflix's Tagline

"Watch anything. Anytime. Anywhere."

Facebook's Tagline

"Connecting people."

Tumblr's Tagline

"Make it yours."

YouTube's Tagline

"Broadcast yourself."

HBO's Tagline

"It's not TV. It's HBO."

Amazon Prime Video's Tagline

"Watch what you love."

Twitch's Tagline

"The world's leading live streaming platform for gamers and creators."

Vimeo's Tagline

"The world's most powerful video platform."

Instagram's Tagline

"Bringing you closer to the people and things you love."

Entertainment slogans and taglines play an important role in communicating a brand's message and ethos to consumers, as well as differentiating a brand from its competitors. The good slogan examples mentioned above focus on the convenience, accessibility, and quality of the entertainment offered by the brand, as well as the brand's commitment to satisfying its customers. They also often feature playful or catchy language that helps to create a memorable and appealing brand image.

10. Food Tagline Examples

Food Tagline Examples

Burger King's Tagline

"Have it your way."

McDonald's Tagline

"I'm lovin' it."

Starbucks Tagline

"Inspiring and nurturing the human spirit."

Whole Foods Market's Tagline

"Where quality is a given."

Cadbury's Tagline

"There's a glass and a half in every bar."

KFC's Tagline

"Finger Lickin' Good."

Pizza Hut's Tagline

"No one out-pizzas the Hut."

Subway's Tagline

"Eat Fresh."

Dunkin' Donuts Tagline

"America runs on Dunkin'."

Coca-Cola's Tagline

"Open happiness."

Nestlé's Tagline

"Good food, Good life."

Pepsi's Tagline

"Live for now."

Lay's Tagline

"Betcha can't eat just one."

Kit-Kat's Tagline

"Have a break, have a Kit-Kat."

An effective tagline plays an important role in communicating a brand's message and ethos to consumers, as well as differentiating a brand from its competitors. The catchy slogan examples mentioned above focus on the quality, taste, and convenience of the food offered by the brand, as well as the brand's commitment to satisfying its customers. They also often feature playful or catchy language that helps to create a memorable and appealing brand image.

11. Consulting Tagline Examples

Consulting Tagline Examples

Accenture's Tagline

"High performance. Delivered."

McKinsey & Company's Tagline

"Driving impact. Shaping the future."

Bain & Company's Tagline

"The results you want. The impact you need."

PwC's Tagline

"Building relationships, creating value."

Deloitte's Tagline

"Making an impact that matters."

BCG's Tagline

"Challenging what's possible."

EY's Tagline

"Building a better working world."

KPMG's Tagline

"Inspiring confidence. Empowering change."

A.T. Kearney's Tagline

"Navigating complexity. Driving performance."

BearingPoint's Tagline

"Unlocking potential. Driving performance."

Capgemini's Tagline

"Transforming and achieving with you."

Oliver Wyman's Tagline

"Transforming businesses, improving lives."

Consulting taglines play an important role in communicating a company's message, values, and services to potential clients. These taglines often focus on the company's ability to help clients achieve their goals, solve complex problems, and drive growth and change. They also often highlight the company's commitment to delivering high-quality results and making a positive impact on the world. Whether you're looking for strategic advice, operational support, or help navigating a complex business landscape, these taglines offer a glimpse into consulting and the solutions that consulting firms provide.

12. Photography Tagline Examples

Photography Tagline Examples

Matterport's Tagline

"Bringing spaces to life, in 3D."

Canon's Tagline

"See impossible, do impossible."

Nikon's Tagline

"At the heart of the image."

Sony's Tagline

"Be moved."

Fujifilm's Tagline

"Feel the beauty in every shot."

Olympus's Tagline

"Capture your vision."

Leica's Tagline

"The art of capturing light."

Panasonic's Tagline

"Imaging technology for a better life."

Hasselblad's Tagline

"Inspiring photography since 1941."

Pentax's Tagline

"See the difference."

Photography taglines play an important role in communicating a brand's message and ethos to potential customers and photographers. These business taglines often focus on the ability of the cameras and equipment to capture stunning images and bring the photographer's vision to life. They also often highlight the company's commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of photography.

13. Restaurant Tagline Examples

Restaurant Tagline Examples

Cheesecake Factory's Tagline

"Life is short. Eat dessert first."

Dairy Queen's Tagline

"Fan food, not fast food."

Wendy's Tagline

"It's waaaay better here."

Taco Bell's Tagline

"Live más."

Domino's Pizza's Tagline

"You got 30 minutes."

Panera Bread's Tagline

"Food as it should be."

Chick-fil-A's Tagline

"Eat Mor Chikin."

Restaurant tagline play an important role in creating a memorable brand image and attracting customers. These taglines often focus on the quality and taste of the food, the dining experience, and the unique qualities that set the restaurant apart from its competitors. They also often use humor, clever wordplay, and memorable phrases to stick in the minds of consumers.

14. Sports Tagline Examples

Sports Tagline Examples

Nike's Tagline

"Just Do It."

Adidas's Tagline

"Impossible is nothing."

Puma's Tagline

"Forever Faster."

Under Armour's Tagline

"I will."

Reebok's Tagline

"Be more human."

New Balance's Tagline

"The premier global athletic brand."

Asics Tagline

"Sound mind, sound body."

Wilson's Tagline

"Raise your game."

Columbia's Tagline

"Outdoor gear and apparel."

The North Face's Tagline

"Never stop exploring."

Salomon's Tagline

"For mountain and city."

Mizuno's Tagline

"A better way to play."

Sports taglines play an important role in communicating a brand's message and inspiring athletes and enthusiasts alike. These taglines often focus on the idea of pushing boundaries, breaking records, and achieving greatness. They also often emphasize the brand's commitment to innovation and improving performance.

15. Construction Tagline Examples

Construction Tagline Examples

Bechtel's Tagline

"Building a better world."

Caterpillar's Tagline

"Building Progress."

VINCI's Tagline

"Shaping the future together."

Fluor Corporation's Tagline

"Engineering, Procurement, and Construction"

AECOM's Tagline

"Designing a better world."

Black & Veatch's Tagline

"Building a world of difference."

Jacobs Engineering's Tagline

"Critical thinking. Innovative solutions."

Parsons's Tagline

"Engineering a better world."

CH2M's Tagline

"Working with clients to build a better world."

Arcadis's Tagline

"Improving quality of life."

Arup's Tagline

"Shape a better world."

Construction slogans and taglines are an important part of a company's marketing strategy, and they aim to communicate the company's mission, values, and expertise to potential clients and partners. These taglines often focus on the company's role in building a better world, through innovative solutions, critical thinking, and collaboration. They also often highlight the company's commitment to improving quality of life and the communities they serve.

16. Jewelry Tagline Examples

Jewelry Tagline Examples

Titan's Tagline

"Building stronger bonds."

Tiffany & Co's Tagline

"The world's premier jeweler."

Hermès's Tagline

"Leather goods and ready-to-wear."

Cartier's Tagline

"The master of elegance."

Van Cleef & Arpels Tagline

"The poetry of jewelry."

Harry Winston's Tagline

"The ultimate in luxury."

Chopard's Tagline

"Creating exceptional timepieces and jewelry."

Graff's Tagline

"Uncompromising craftsmanship and design."

Tara Fine Jewelry's Tagline

"Celebrating life's moments."

Mikimoto's Tagline

"The pearl of first water."

Jewellery taglines play a key role in differentiating brands and creating a strong image in the minds of consumers. These taglines often highlight the quality and craftsmanship of the products, as well as the unique and exclusive nature of the brand. They also often emphasize the emotional connections that can be formed through the gift of jewelry, whether it's celebrating life's moments, building stronger bonds, or offering the ultimate in luxury.

17. Fitness Tagline Examples

Fitness Tagline Examples

Fitbit's Tagline

"Improve every beat."

Amer Sports's Tagline

"Fuel your passion."

BPI Sports's Tagline

"The science of performance nutrition."

Gatorade's Tagline

"Sweat it to get it."

Les Mills's Tagline

"The world's best fitness programs."

BodyBuilding.com's Tagline

"Build your best self."

24 Hour Fitness's Tagline

"Make life fit."

Fitness taglines play an important role in motivating people to achieve their fitness goals. They are designed to inspire and motivate, while also emphasizing the results that can be achieved. Many fitness taglines have a few things in common, such as an emphasis on improvement and personal growth, inspiration and motivation, a focus on results, a positive and energetic tone, and a focus on empowering individuals to take control of their fitness. These taglines help to build a strong brand identity and communicate the core values of the company. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or looking to take it to the next level, these taglines can provide the inspiration and motivation you need to reach your goals.

18. Retail Tagline Examples

Retail Tagline Examples

Amazon's Tagline

"Work hard. Have fun. Make history."

Walmart's Tagline

"Save money. Live better."

Costco's Tagline

"Quality products, unbeatable prices."

The Home Depot's Tagline

"More saving. More doing."

Target's Tagline

"Expect more. Pay less."

Best Buy's Tagline

"The ultimate technology destination."

Lowe's Tagline

"Let's build something together."

Bed Bath & Beyond's Tagline

"Beyond any store of its kind."

Walgreens Tagline

"At the corner of happy & healthy."

Kohl's Tagline

"Expect great things."

Michael's Tagline

"Where creativity happens."

Retail taglines often focus on providing value to the customer, whether through low prices, high-quality products, or a combination of both. Many retail taglines also emphasize convenience and accessibility, offering products and services that can be easily obtained. Additionally, some retail taglines highlight the positive customer experience, including elements such as excitement, happiness, and creativity. Overall, retail taglines aim to create a strong brand image and create a memorable impression on the customer, while highlighting the unique features and benefits of the company's products and services.

19. Apparel Tagline Examples

Apparel Tagline Examples

Versace's Tagline

"Donatella Versace."

Burberry's Tagline

"Here to change."

The North Face's Tagline

"Never stop exploring."

Nordstrom's Tagline

"The best fashion and beauty, all in one place."

Ralph Lauren's Tagline

"The American Dream in Fashion."

Levi's Tagline

"Original since 1853."

Calvin Klein's Tagline

"The original jeans."

Zara's Tagline

"Fashion starts here."

H&M's Tagline

"Fashion and quality at the best price."

Gap's Tagline

"Dress Normal."

Apparel taglines often emphasize the brand's heritage, innovation, quality, or commitment to fashion. They aim to create an emotional connection with the consumer and differentiate themselves from their competitors by highlighting their unique selling points, such as their history, the range of products they offer, or their affordability. Additionally, many apparel taglines emphasize the idea of self-expression, encouraging customers to express their personal style through their clothing choices.

20. Real Estate Tagline Examples

Real Estate Tagline Examples

Douglas Elliman Real Estate's Tagline

"Experience, Expertise, Excellence."

The Agency's Tagline

"Defining success in real estate."

The Loken Group's Tagline

"The power of expertise."

Inspirited Real Estate Services's Tagline

"Helping you find your way home."

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices's Tagline

"Good to know."

Redfin's Tagline

"Real estate, redefined."

Keller Williams Realty's Tagline

"The world's largest real estate franchise by agent count."

Remax's Tagline

"The most recognized name in real estate."

Coldwell Banker's Tagline

"Here's to home."

Century 21 Real Estate's Tagline

"The gold standard in real estate."

Many real estate tagline remains focused on the expertise and experience of the company in helping their clients find their dream home. They also emphasize their reputation and recognition in the industry, promising to provide top-notch service and support to their clients. A great tagline also promise to redefine and revolutionize the real estate experience, offering a better, more efficient and effective way of buying and selling homes.

21. Health Tagline Examples

Health Tagline Examples

Vega's Tagline

"Fuel your better."

WHO (World Health Organization)'s Tagline

"Building a better future for people everywhere."

Kellogg's Tagline

"Feeding the potential of every child and family."

Arbonne's Tagline

"Pure, Safe, and Beneficial."

Universal Health Services Tagline

"Improving the health and well-being of the communities we serve."

Catchy slogans from health institutions often focus on improvement and enhancement of overall health and well-being, whether it be through the consumption of their products, the services they offer, or their overall mission and impact on communities. They often communicate their commitment to helping individuals and communities reach their full potential, and aim to promote health and happiness through their brand promise.

22. Finance Tagline Examples

Finance Tagline Examples

Bank of China's Tagline

"Serving the real economy, serving the society."

Lexmark's Tagline

"Experience Matters."

Coinbase's Tagline

"Crypto made easy."

Wells Fargo's Tagline

"Together we'll go far."

JPMorgan Chase's Tagline

"The right relationship is everything."

Citigroup's Tagline

"Citi never sleeps."

American Express's Tagline

"Don't live life without it."

Visa's Tagline

"Everywhere you want to be."

Mastercard's Tagline

"For everything else, there's Mastercard."

Capital One's Tagline

"What's in your wallet?"

Discover's Tagline

"Discover a brighter way to bank."

A good tagline from financial institutions often emphasize their ability to serve their customers and provide financial solutions to their needs. They often also emphasize their reliability, trustworthiness, and their commitment to providing quality service and innovative products to their target audience. Many financial institutions also use their catchy tagline to emphasize their accessibility, their ability to simplify financial processes, and their ability to be with customers every step of the way in their financial journey.

22. Healthcare Tagline Examples

Healthcare Tagline Examples

Alzheimer’s Association's Tagline

"A world without Alzheimer's and all other dementia."

Grace Health's Tagline

"Working together to achieve health for all."

Fox Chase Cancer Center's Tagline

"Defeating cancer, one patient at a time."

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital's Tagline

"Finding cures. Saving children."

Kaiser Permanente's Tagline


Healthcare taglines often focus on the goal of improving health and well-being for individuals and communities. They aim to convey a sense of optimism, determination, and a commitment to making a positive impact. Many of the taglines also emphasize collaboration, teamwork, and the importance of working together towards a common goal. Additionally, many of the taglines aim to inspire hope and positivity, and to emphasize the importance of research and innovation in the fight against serious health challenges.

23. Automobile Tagline Examples

Automobile Tagline Examples

Tesla's Tagline

"Accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy."

Ford's Tagline

"Go Further."

Audi's Tagline

"Vorsprung durch Technik" (Advancement through technology).

BMW's Tagline

"The Ultimate Driving Machine."

Toyota USA's Tagline

"Let's go places."

Automobile taglines often focus on technology, performance, and innovation. For example, "Vorsprung durch Technik" emphasizes Audi's commitment to technological advancement. BMW's tagline, "The Ultimate Driving Machine," emphasizes the brand's focus on performance and driving experience. Meanwhile, taglines like Tesla's "Accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy" and Toyota USA's "Let's go places" emphasize the brands' forward-thinking approach to innovation and sustainability. Ultimately, the catchy phrase reflect the brands' unique values and aspirations, and convey a sense of excitement and possibility to consumers.


In summary, a memorable slogan is an essential part of a brand's identity and can significantly impact its success in the marketplace. The 100+ examples of taglines from global brands we have reviewed in this blog post show the diversity of brand voices and personalities. From fun and playful to serious and straightforward, each tagline tells a unique story and captures the essence of the brand it represents.

A strong tagline can help a brand stick in the minds of consumers and differentiate itself from its competitors. When thinking about your own brand, consider what your business slogan says about you and whether it accurately reflects who you are and what you stand for. A well-crafted tagline will be instantly recognizable, evoke an emotional response, and can be a valuable asset.

Ultimately, a tagline is not just a clever phrase, but a powerful tool that can help a brand create a memorable presence in the marketplace. We hope this blog post has inspired you to think creatively about your own tagline and the impact it can have on your brand.