Align Brand Strategy at the Beginning [4 Key Strategy Tools]

Align Brand Strategy at the Beginning [4 Key Strategy Tools]

Create your brand strategy from scratch

A brand strategy is essential for building an effective brand and growing a business. A good strategy will guide your brand forward and include all the elements that make up your brand’s identity such as your mission statement, vision, target audience, benchmarking, asset management, and your brand story.

Although vital for a business, creating a brand strategy can be a complex and time-consuming process. Companies typically create a brand strategy using the following means:

• Work with an agency or consultancy

This can be an elaborate process that companies may choose to go through when they are at a more mature state.

• Use an online brand strategy tool

By using a tool, you can work with freelancers or your in-house team. This could be a good option for startups and SMBs who are beginning their branding journey.

4 brand strategy tools you can try

In this article, we cover some of the best tools in the market that can serve as a good starting base for facilitating your brand strategy.

1.) Storytech

Storytech offers a DIY approach to brand strategy. With an instruction-based video-led process, you can work on creating a brand strategy. By paying for a day’s activity, you have access to case studies and more.

Pricing - $999 for a one-day video led DIY workshop

2.) ZeBrand

ZeBrand's platform makes building a brand accessible, practical, and efficient for emerging businesses. ZeBrand's Brand Strategy and Brand DNA allow you to think deeply about your brand story and brand strategy. This can help your customers resonate with your brand on a deeper level. They are arranged in a way that reflects the process of creating a brand story and allows you to build a brand strategy that spreads your brand to the world.

Pricing – get started for free. Standard users pay $38 per month and Premium users pay $148 per month that can avail of additional services.

3.) Marketing MO

Marketing MO provides a comprehensive brand strategy toolkit with 500 instructional slides, report templates and video guidance. Users can either purchase the full toolkit or only specific modules. This tool might work for you if you have some experience with marketing and have access to some specialist resources in your team.

Pricing - $499 for the full toolkit, or 99$ for individual modules

4.) Bynder

Bynder is a digital asset management platform. It allows you to create, find and use content. Bynder allows you to easily create, find and use content. If your business is starting to grow and a key aspect of your strategy is ensuring consistency across regions, then Bynder makes your go to market process easier. It might be more useful for businesses at a mature level than those just starting out.

Pricing - Pricing varies with the number of users and modules required.

Getting your brand strategy in place from the beginning

A good brand strategy right from the start can play a huge influence on the decisions you take that will have an impact on the business. You can refine your product or service based on the strategy as well. For this reason, it's worth putting in the time and effort up front to nail your brand strategy. Using one of these tools may help you on your branding journey.

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