7 Straightforward Brand Strategy Tips

7 Straightforward Brand Strategy Tips

Illustration designed by Iris van den Akker (@irisakka) based in Amsterdam

In this guide, we uncover what components of a brand strategy make you stand out, connect you to your customers, and helps you get closer to your business goals.

#1 Brand Strategy Tip: Reflecting on Your Business Model

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A great business model comes from a perfect match between your capabilities, customer needs, revenue model, and more. Sometimes you might feel like you've got it perfect the first time. But it's worth listing it all out and seeing if it all fits perfectly together. One thing out of alignment might mean problems down the track or lost opportunities. To reflect and adjust.

#2 Brand Strategy Tip: Defining Your Brand DNA

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A great brand DNA doesn't just sound good - it's extremely useful too. When you craft your vision, values and personality ask yourself - is this a useful guide for making business and brand decisions day-to-day? If it isn't, it's probably worth rewriting them.

#3 Brand Strategy Tip: Customer Persona

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A customer persona isn't just an outline of the age, occupation, and income of your target market. It's how they feel, what their expectations are, and what their misconceptions could be. It's their goals, aspirations, and the barriers in the way. To fill this out requires imagination. But when in doubt - simply talk to your customer.

#4 Brand Strategy Tip: Collecting Brand Inspiration

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Inspiration for business, branding, and design can come from anywhere. Yes, they can come from other business people, but they also exist in books, movies, on the road, and in conversation. Beyond management, you can also find them in philosophy, literature, and the arts. So look far and wide.

#5 Brand Strategy Tip: Setting Yourself Apart

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It can be hard to create a point of difference in business. But a useful way to approach this is 'what', 'why' and 'how'. Respectively - is what you offer, your actual product, different? Is your purpose or reason for doing it unique? And is how you offer your products - the process and services around it - more exciting? Find your edge.

#6 Brand Strategy Tip: Writing a Tagline

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A tagline can be a useful way to get your customers to remember what makes you unique. Sometimes it can be hard to come up with the right words. A useful tip is to try and explain your business to someone in 30 seconds. Now progressively bring it down to 15 seconds, 5 seconds, then 2 seconds. What was the last thing you said?

#7 Brand Strategy Tip: Creating a Brand Story

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A brand story is a powerful tool in everything from investor pitches to information for your customers on your website. As with any story, first, set the scene with changes happening in the world or your industry, then position your brand as a hero - how does it aim to make a change? And lastly, what are the tangible things it will do on the way to its goals? Tell your story.

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7 Straightforward Brand Strategy Tips