Interview with a Founder - Samantha Murrell

Interview with a Founder - Samantha Murrell

Getting to know Samantha, founder of Mothers' Hood

In a series of interviews, we have rapid fire question rounds with some of our users who are all inspiring founders of thriving, creative businesses.

In this interview, we talked with Samantha Murrell, the founder of Mothers' Hood.

(This article has been edited for brevity)

1. What is your company’s purpose and mission?

To support women through their transition into and through motherhood - a period of life called Matrescence.

2. What inspired you to start your business?

Being a mother myself and struggling as a new Mum. I thought it was just me who struggled but when I connected with like-minded women, I realized it was most of us! We just don’t talk about it. I am passionate about liberating mothers from the unrealistic expectations of modern motherhood.

3. What is your favorite brand and why?

I love Etsy as it provides independent businesses with a platform to reach a huge audience. I use it for most gifts to friends and family (and myself!).

4. What did you do before starting the business?

I still work in commercial real estate. Mothers’ Hood is my passion project!

5. What is your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur?

Currently, it is time! I am a mother of an energetic and wonderful 2.5 year-old and I also work 3 days a week in my real estate job. So I built my business in what I call ‘stolen moments’!

6. Share your top 3 tips for success with fellow entrepreneurs and people thinking of starting a business.

My top three tips are:

1. Do something you are passionate about.

I am excited to work on my business every day because I believe it in and it fires me up!

2. Surround yourself with a cheer squad.

People who will cheer you on, pick you up when you fall and just generally all round support you. My mother tribe has been so influential in getting me to where I am now!

3. Keep your focus on your target audience and keep your message clear.

It’s easy to get swept along with comparison of people/businesses who are years ahead of you/have thousands of followers etc. But being authentic and true to yourself and your message is what your followers and clients are looking for.

7. How do you continue to educate yourself?

Reading - both mainstream and academic literature: listening to podcasts: online courses: interacting with mothers: discussions with my support group: through my everyday living as a mother - my daughter is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had!

8. How do you spend your time when you are not at work?

For the last year due to COVID-19 I have spent my spare time predominantly at home with my daughter and husband! In ‘normal’ times I also spend time with my extended family and friends enjoying great food and wine. I read, practice yoga and meditation, walk in the forest next to my house and have recently taken up running. I love to travel and can’t wait to get on a plane again! I also love a good box set - This Is Us is one of my all-time favorites!

9.Any recommendations of books, podcasts, blogs, etc. for fellow entrepreneurs?

I take my business inspiration from the women I am surrounded by - I am building a business that aligns with my values and feminine strengths which generally conflicts with the mainstream advice!

10. What do you love to do most in your daily life?

Seeing my little girl smile and giggle is honestly one of the best parts of my day. Her smile lights up her face and melts my heart. So being with her is what I most love to do!

11. Tell us about your logo design and what message it carries.

The logo of Mothers’ Hood is a lotus flower, which symbolizes enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth. Matrescence (the journey into and through motherhood) is an opportunity to shed external expectations, awaken to our true values and live a life aligned with these. Becoming a mother is often cited as the rebirth of a woman.

12. What were some obstacles in determining the brand identity?

How to stand out and be unique and how best to reflect the values of Mothers’ Hood.

13. What are the key elements to building a brand that matters to your customers and how do you implement them into your day-to-day business activities?

Authenticity is hugely important, along with being able to empathize and connect with our customers. Visibility is also very important and having a clear brand with easily identifiable colors and theme has been key. Day to day, these elements run through in the questions I ask before any social media posts go out, any programs are designed and all the interactions that I have with customers.

Find out more about Samantha Murrell’s business, Mothers' Hood here.

Thank you for a great chat, Samantha, and we wish you the best for your venture!

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