Brand Vision: Create & Communicate Yours Successfully

Brand Vision: Create & Communicate Yours Successfully

All entrepreneurial success starts with a brand vision.

What does your business see for the future? Do you want a better everyday life for the people in your community? Do you want to be a key part of the sustainable energy movement? Maybe your business wants to create economic opportunities for those in need?

No matter what mark you wish to leave on the world, your vision statement is your chance to declare it.

Your brand vision statement is your opportunity to share your brand's goals with the world. It's your goodwill proclamation of why your company deserves to get noticed, and grow! And the best vision statements, like the one you're going to learn to write today, will bring inspiration to everyone who hears them.

Understanding Brand Vision Statements

A great brand vision statement will inspire employees, encourage customers, and guide your brand through every change and innovation. It incorporates your company's purpose, core values, and biggest dreams for the world into a short, memorable, power-packed quote.

This vision statement isn't just for you, either. Because your vision statement describes the world you want to see, you have to share it with the world! It's no secret— your vision statement is meant to be an encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to everyone who encounters your brand.

1 . What is a Brand Vision?

Before we jump into writing a compelling brand vision statement, let's talk about brand vision itself.

Brand vision refers to what your business wants to see for the world. Every business has a unique brand vision based on its product or service, positioning, and core values. Your brand vision may be about sustainable energy, socially conscious design, offering competitive prices to an audience unable to buy this type of product before, or simply improving everyday life through high-quality products.

A strong brand vision declares the purpose of your brand's existence— and why that values-based purpose will better the world.

2. Why is a Brand Vision Important?

Without a goal in mind, how can your business know where it's headed? A clear brand vision serves as a map for your company. When you're faced with the decision to expand to a new location, launch a new product, or reach out to a new target audience, a good vision statement helps you make the best choice for your company— one that gets you closer to that overarching goal.

3. Key Differences Between Your Brand Vision Statement and Brand Mission Statement

Mission and vision statements are similar in that both direct your brand. While your brand vision refers to the world you want to see, your company mission statement defines your specific goal and role in carrying out that clear vision.

In other words, vision statements are aspirational, idealistic statements about the way you wish the world could be, while your mission statement describes the actions your business will take to carry out that vision.

Your vision and mission statement go hand in hand to develop your overall business strategy. Every new business decision, product line, expansion, or company shift should be compared to both your mission and vision statements to ensure that potential decision fits your company's deepest values and aspirations.

How to Write a Brand Vision Statement

When you first sit down to write your brand vision statement, you may feel totally overwhelmed. What you see for the world may feel huge, complicated, and impossible. After all, making the world a better place is more than a one-person job!

If you're not sure where to start, consider these initial vision statement questions:

  • What do you hope is different in the world five years from now?
  • Where do you hope your company is in five years?
  • How does your company want to make the world a better place?
  • What matters most to your company?

Answering these foundational questions will help you pull out the core components of your vision statement. After that, it just takes a bit of sifting and editing to come up with an inspiring vision statement your company can feel passionate about.

1. Keep These Four Guidelines in Mind When Writing Your Brand's Vision Statement

Once you have a rough draft of what you want to say in your vision statement, these guidelines will help you polish it to perfection:

Keep it short

Brand vision statements are meant to be very short declarations. All written, your statement should be only one to two sentences long, at max. Aim for less than 30 words.

Be bold!

A bland, boring vision statement doesn't generate much excitement. But a bold, ambitious vision statement will provide employees with inspiration, spread optimism among your customers, and even encourage you along the way!

Be unique

Your vision statement is a representation of your own company. It should be as unique as your company is! You can use other companies' vision statements as inspiration, but be sure yours is all your own.

Don't go it alone

Once you have a few versions of your vision statement, get feedback! You can ask your employees what they think, talk to other entrepreneurs and business leaders, or even ask your own friends and family. Having an extra set of eyes on your vision statement may give you fresh inspiration or spark a new idea.

2. Watch Out for These Common Brand Vision Statement Missteps

Your vision statement is meant to guide your company for years to come. The last thing you want is to write a statement you'll have to start over on next year! As you're crafting your memorable, long-lasting vision statement, watch out for these common missteps that can weaken your declaration:

  1. Using metaphors, jargon, or buzzwords. Stick with clear, simple language that people inside and outside your company can understand.
  2. Focus on the unique solution your company provides. Avoid a generic vision statement that any company could reasonably achieve. The strongest vision statements are those that focus on what makes your company unique.
  3. Look forward just 3-10 years. The vision you frame in your statement should be one your company can reasonably achieve in 3-10 years. Any longer than that and the statement can feel unrealistic.

Four Leading Brand Vision Statement Examples We Love

Now that you know what goes into a powerful, effective vision statement, let's take a look at a few examples from a variety of industries that put these guidelines into practice.

Garnier's Vision Statement

"To become the number one brand worldwide inspired by natural beauty in the consumer products segment thanks to its product formulation and its responsible and ethical commitments."

Patagonia's Vision Statement

"Use of all our resources to protect life on Earth."

Red Bull's Vision Statement

"To uphold Red Bull standards while maintaining the leadership position in the energy drinks category when delivering superior customer service in a highly efficient and profitable manner."

Cambridge University's Vision Statement

"To enhance our reputation as a world-class teaching and research institution which is recognized for its innovation, excellence, and discovery, and attracts the best students and staff worldwide."

Want more brand vision statement examples? We've collected over 100 vision statements from around the world.

What Makes These Brand Vision Statements Stand Out

Each of these brand vision statements evokes an emotional connection. Patagonia paints a beautiful picture of sustainability, eco-friendly manufacturing, and planet-saving initiatives. In just one sentence, we know this brand creates things for people and the planet.

The Cambridge University vision statement explains how the organization aims to achieve success through high-quality teaching and research. That's an aim unique from other universities who may focus on making education more affordable, universally accessible through online courses, or offering a wide variety of subjects. In just one statement, Cambridge painted a picture of the future they see and described what sets their organization apart from others.

Take a closer look at Red Bull and Garnier's vision statements now. Do you see how their powerful statements are specific, emotional, ambitious, short, and easily understandable? That's the mark of a well-crafted vision statement!

So You've Written Your Brand Vision Statment... Now What?

Your company's vision statement only works if your employees and customers see it. Once you've written your own statement, try these creative ideas for sharing it!

Add it to your marketing materials

Share your vision and mission statements across your company's social media platforms, email campaigns, print materials, and everywhere you market yourself. You can even print it on your products!

Post it around the office

If you have an office space where your team members gather, put your vision statement up around the rooms. You can hang up vision posters, paint them on the wall, and write it on the whiteboards.

Speak it out

Are you giving a speech, leading a meeting, or filming training videos? Share your vision statement in each one of them. The more times your team and customers hear your vision, the more it will stick.

Keep Your Brand On-Track With a Clear Brand Strategy

Successful brands are built on more than just vision and mission statements. They require a comprehensive brand strategy, including target audience research, brand identity development, visual identity development, a solid business strategy, a brand story, and more.

The best way to keep your entire branding strategy organized and uniform is to use a brand guideline builder. This tool walks you through the branding process, from planning your brand values and visuals to developing your messaging and voice.

With a strong, clear branding strategy in place, you have the framework you need to carry out your brand's vision.

Developing a brand vision statement is crucial to the success of your business. At ZeBrand, our branding experts can help you create a powerful vision statement that guides your brand to success. When you're ready for growth, choose ZeBrand.

If you want to speak to us about how ZeBrand can help with creating and communicating your brand vision, start now or contact us here.