Branding Inspiration From Around the World: Creative Ideas for Emerging Entrepreneurs

Branding Inspiration From Around the World: Creative Ideas for Emerging Entrepreneurs

Looking for branding inspiration?

Do you ever feel totally stuck when it comes to designing your brand? You've got the passion, tools, and creativity, but you just need one little spark of inspiration to get started!

If your brand design has hit a creative wall, read on. We've got three targeted tips and tons of incredible branding examples from all around the world, perfectly curated to get your creativity going!

Branding inspiration: Our best creative concepts for emerging entrepreneurs

Your brand identity is one of the most important elements in your brand toolkit. It tells your clients, customers, and other companies exactly who you are and what you bring to the market. That's why developing your brand identity design is more than worth the time and effort it takes!

These quick tips will help you develop your inner brand designer, create memorable brand identities, and showcase the best your brand has to offer.

Are you ready to make something amazing? Let's begin!

1. How and where to find brand design inspiration?

One great source of daily design inspiration is Pinterest. There, you can find and follow thousands of designers and creatives for continuing inspiration, or search for individual logo ideas, web design, illustration examples, and other common elements.

Another great platform for branding inspiration is The Inspiration Grid. It's a creative showcase of design accounts, color palettes, branding projects, brand designers, web design inspiration, and more!

When you don't know where to start, take a few minutes to browse these creative websites. You just might find exactly the design inspiration you need to launch your next great project!

2. Why the best brand elements are instantly identifiable

A well-crafted brand identity is like your #1 salesperson— it works 24/7 to promote your brand, build customer loyalty, and drive interest in your product or service.

The more familiar your brand identity becomes to your customers, the more likely they are to shop with you again and again. And that repeat business is absolutely invaluable! That's why the best, most impactful brand elements are unique, eye-catching, and memorable.

3. There's a strategy behind drafting creative ideas

Rather than designing brand elements as the need arises, without considering your overall brand design, aim to design each element as a continuing piece of your brand story. Use the same logo, images, and illustration style on all your other brand elements to build a cohesive brand.

And remember, there's significant psychology that goes into design, from the color palette and fonts you choose, to the design and style that represents your brand. When you're planning your brand design, aim to include visual elements that evoke a feeling and personality that matches your brand identity.

4. Three tips for strong brand idea creation and brand identity

These three tips will help you design an effective brand identity:

Understand color psychology. Did you know color can increase your customers' brand recognition byup to 80%? And each color has its own meanings and common reactions. Be sure your color palette inspires emotions that match your branding goals.

Keep things simple. Sometimes the most memorable designs are the cleanest. Resist the urge to over-design every element in your brand story. A simple logo, easy-to-read typography, and user-friendly web design goes a long way!

Use brand guidelines. To prevent your brand design from becoming chaotic, set clear guidelines for your creatives to follow. When your brand looks the same on every platform, in print, and online, it becomes that much more memorable.

Branding inspiration: Our best creative ideas for emerging entrepreneurs

Now that we've covered our top three tips for brand design, it's time to review a few of our favorite branding examples. These companies prove that no matter your industry, targeted branding is essential to success!

Three examples of standout logo design

  1. Chanel. This brand is the ultimate example of understated design. The two linked "C's" exemplify elegance, luxury, and Parisian style.
  2. PlayStation. This logo is packed full with meaning. The "P" and "S" of course stand for PlayStation. The monochromatic colors are bold and child-friendly, without beingchildish. And the 3D design represents the company's shift to 3D-style video game graphics. It immediately invokes the feeling of bold innovation and technology.
  3. FedEx. If you look closely at this logo, you'll see a hidden symbol right between the "E" and "X". Notice the arrow? That's the simplistic genius of the logo design. Using negative space, FedEx's less-is-more approach suggests speed, without cluttering the design.

These three graphic design examples are the ultimate branding inspiration

  1. Casper. We love Casper's use of color and graphics throughout their branding. Their use of logo animation, peaceful colors, and comfy pictures communicate everything this brand is about, without saying a word.
  2. Chobani. The graphic design style Chobani uses is full of bright illustrations, playful typography, and high-quality photography. It's instantly-recognizable and communicates the brand's belief in healthy, tasty food.
  3. MailChimp. This brand uses hand-drawn illustrations, colorful web design, and a unique logo to establish familiarity. From a graphic design perspective, we love MailChimp's inclusive design and clever use of color.

Three examples of web design sites you have to see

And lastly, what branding inspiration article would be complete without a peek at some of the best, most impactful websites on the internet? Let's look at three websites that combine branding, illustration, and design to create an effective site.

  1. Simply Chocolate. This site is as mouth-watering as it is well designed! The use of brand design is striking, their product packaging is beautiful, and the smart use of interactive elements makes the site feel alive.
  2. Hyer. This site communicates clearly and effectively through both copy and design elements. The simple typography and striking images work together to give this site a professional, high-end feel.
  3. The Google Store. Some e-commerce sites feel cluttered, complicated, and overwhelming. But Google's store showcases its best products without wasting valuable space. The site is easy to navigate, well-designed, and full of beautiful pictures.

Ready to build your brand identity with ZeBrand?

When you build your brand DNA using ZeBrand's user-friendly Brand DNA Builder, brand identity design is built right into the tool.

You'll have the opportunity to find inspiration, organize your own curated selection of reference pieces, and even create your own logo designs within the tool— with the guidance of our helpful tips and expert Brand Coaches.

How ZeBrand's Inspiration Reference provides endless branding inspiration

As you work through ZeBrand's guided brand DNA builder, you'll soon reach the Expand stage. In this stage, you'll begin collecting creative inspiration and documenting exactly why that element speaks to you.

Brand DNA Inspiration Reference

You can refer to this Inspiration Reference board as often as you need design inspiration! Like Pinterest or other creative sites, it stores a record of your saves and notes.

Brand DNA Inspiration Reference What You Get

Start by recording the name and source of your images, typography, trends, or other resources.

Brand DNA Inspiration Reference Source

Next, describe why these brand elements offer inspiration. Is it the style, product design, photography, or specific features that speak to you? Record your notes here for future reference.

Brand DNA Inspiration Reference Summary Similarity

The next two questions inspire you to think about how this element compares to your own brand identity. How are the two similar and different? In terms of Speciality, what makes this packaging, site, company, or example the "gold standard" for your own company?

Brand DNA Inspiration Reference Specialty

Finally, the last question asks you to consider different approaches and next steps. Record what changes you'd like to make to your current content. Think about the projects you have in progress, and how this branding inspiration might change them.

The goal with this tool is to develop a curated collection of general inspiration you can turn to when you need a spark of creativity. The notes and organization keep your ideas filed away in your easy-to-access branding platform, ready for the moment you need them!

ZeBrand is your creative process partner

Brand inspiration and creative design are crucial to the success of your business. ZeBrand offers the tools and Brand Coaches you need to design a memorable visual identity, outstanding logo, and relevant content.

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