ZeBrand - Feedback and User Reviews

ZeBrand - Feedback and User Reviews

User reviews and feedback are essential for us to enhance ZeBrand's offering

ZeBrand is committed to creating a world where AI and human creativity work hand in hand to create great branding that allows users to express their individuality.

Over the last year, we've listened to your feedback, thought of new possibilities and experimented with a range of features. Users are choosing ZeBrand for its innovative components, minimalistic design and AI features. We want to keep developing ZeBrand so it’s a one stop tool for your branding needs.

In our recent user survey, we received some great positive as well as constructive feedback. We wanted to share these with you and give you an update on our latest features and how we are planning to develop them even further.

Brand Coach

What is it?

Brand Strategy can be complex. We've created an easy-to-use interface to help but sometimes it's useful to get some personal advice. We have been connecting our users to coaches with experience in brand, business and start-up strategy. Together with a brand coach, users can find the way forward.

Here are just some of the challenges coaches have been helping companies with:

**・**Getting the brand message out to more customers in a targeted way

**・**How to target a specific audience, in this case the millennial audience?

**・**How to find the right logo design

**・**Unlearning the ideology of predecessors or older colleagues and finding one’s own identity.

What is great about it from a user’s perspective?

Users felt that the feeling of having a personal touch is a great service, and that they were able to talk about improvement points and receive specific feedback. Here are some of the comments from users.

“I was able to talk about what I thought was an issue, and I received some points that I could improve in the future.”

“The 45 minutes sessions were perfect: not too short, not too long, just right.”

What can be improved?

Having more background information about the coaches can help have more tailored conversations.

How we are addressing the feedback

We are planning to run a set of interviews with all our brand coaches! These interviews should provide you insight into each of the coaches and their backgrounds and passion points.

Strategy Boards

What is it?

ZeBrand's Strategy boards are a collection of interactive tools and frameworks that help you work towards the best brand strategy, step by step. From customer personas to brand positioning, we make sure you have the basics covered.

What is great about it from a user’s perspective?

Users felt that the strategy boards are great at helping distill the information down to what matters.

One user stated that "the overall strategy fields are great at helping to filter the information to what matters. A good consultant gets you to do the work as it's your brand anyway. The questions and flow act like a good consultant."

Another user also found the boards revelational. “The questions prior to making the account gave me more awareness with respect to my company.”

One user felt that ZeBrand was like a game. “ZeBrand feels like a game but really helps me clear my thoughts and allows me to identify the weakness of my project.”

Users found that the flow and game-like format of the questions helped them gain clarity of thought and to identify weaknesses as well as opportunities in an intuitive way.

What can be improved?

Users felt that “ideally, the AI and machine learning will pull all customer information from Linkedin, personal or business websites, etc. and input the information automatically for the customer. A choice of having pre-filled out blanks would also be great.”

How we are addressing the feedback

We are investigating if we can incorporate something like this in the future.

What other features are users asking for?

**・**More tutorial videos and support guides on using the boards.

We hear you! We have developed some guides on our boards already. Keep an eye out for this space for more.

**・**The capability of getting a custom-made website design

Although we don’t offer an entirely customized design, ZeBrand provides a website template that matches the user's brand color and font, so you can create your own website with these elements.

We look forward to hearing more from you about your experience using ZeBrand. Feel free to contact us at support@zebranding.com

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