Brand Bites Roundup

Brand Bites Roundup

Illustrated by Ninaad Kothawade (@ninaad.kothawade) based in India

Brand Bites are "bite-sized" pieces of content that contain introductions and information about Branding in an easily digestible way. Here is a roundup of some of our favorite tidbits!

Brand Bites 1

"Technology brands have always had an allure for showing us what’s to come. However, 2020 showed us that the future is now. The immediacy that tech brands had promised us are now daily essentials. Subscriptions to Amazon Prime and Netflix rose as people spent more time indoors, with about 16 million people subscribing to Netflix in the first 3 months of 2020."

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"Brands are more than how they look. To build a good brand, you must reflect and improve on everything that makes your business what it is."

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"2020—full of natural disasters from wildfires, typhoons, and erratic climates—has thrust sustainability into a must-have. Regions that implemented COVID-19 lockdowns saw large dips in CO2 emissions and clear skies across even the most polluted cities. All brands—as they are driven by human activity—now have a responsibility to own. Even if a brand isn’t considered a ‘green’ brand, minimizing environmental impact is essential now more than ever."

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Brand Bites Roundup