Introducing ZeBrand’s Core Components

Introducing ZeBrand’s Core Components

Create your own unique brand using ZeBrand

Your brand identity helps present your business consistently across multiple platforms and channels to different types of users. Your brand identity can bring in new customers as well as help them gain trust in your brand. An essential part of building an effective brand and creating a unique brand identity is to have a strong brand strategy.

Coming up with a Brand Strategy can be a complex undertaking. But it is still essential for building an effective brand and growing a business. ZeBrand's platform makes building a brand accessible, practical, and efficient for emerging businesses. By building across Strategy, Design, and downloadable Assets, you control all aspects of your brand to reach its fullest potential.

In this article, we will introduce you to the various components of ZeBrand’s branding suite and how you can use them to start creating your brand identity.

ZeBrand’s branding suite consists of the following elements.

Brand DNA – Define your purpose

A brand strategy incorporates thinking about your business, its customers and the broader world. ZeBrand’s Brand DNA is a collection of interactive tools, frameworks and templates that allow you to think about your brand in a structured and efficient way. They are arranged in a way that reflects the process of creating a brand strategy and allows your team and you to come up with ideas and agree on a clear direction together.

ZeBrand uses 4 key stages in building a brand strategy. By completing the frameworks in each stage, you gain clarity about your brand step by step.

Stage 1 - Envision

・Brand Core

Define a clear direction for your brand by setting its vision, values and personality.

・Business Idea

By getting clarity about things like customers, revenue model and resources, you get to an understanding of what makes your business different.

Stage 2 - Expand

・Inspiration Reference

Looking at products, objects, and other references in the outside world can give you inspiration about how to make your brand better.

Stage 3 - Elevate

・Competitive Analysis

This enables you to compare yourself to your competitors on multiple dimensions, from pricing all the way to communications.

・ Market Positioning

This helps you determine your current market position. In other words, it's how your customer might perceive you in comparison to competitors.

Stage 4 - Expression


This is where we bring it all together. Your brand story and messaging are the foundation for all of your communication and even your business pitch.

Find out more about each of the 4 stages and how you can get started with ZeBrand’s Brand DNA here.

Brand Guidelines and Asset Library - Design your Visual Identity and deliver your brand

Design a brand identity that reflects your business vision. Based on the strategy you have made, you can design a more impactful and memorable brand. If you already have a logo, you can upload your own logo and have it reflected in the design as well.

Following this, you can then download the assets needed to deliver and communicate it to your audience. Downloadable Brand Assets include logo files, website templates, handpicked fonts, original color palette and more. Pre-branded templates allow you to create beautifully consistent communication mediums, including designed presentation decks and websites that create a uniform look across your brand. Armed with these assets, you can start deploying your brand immediately.

Brand Coach - Get personal assistance

Coming up with a brand strategy can be tricky. Sometimes it is hard to know when you've got it right. Sometimes you just need an extra person to brainstorm with. With our Premium plan, you have access to Brand Coaches who are always ready to help.

A Coach can come in handy when you need:

・Help thinking through your brand strategy or filling out your brand strategy boards

・Help ensuring that your product, social media and marketing are aligned

・Advice on whether your brand design communicates your business strengths

ZeBrand will assign a brand coach to meet your branding challenge. You can find out more about some of our brand coaches here or read exclusive interviews with two of our coaches, here and here.

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