Uncovering Brand Insight Through Brand Feedback and Brand Score

Uncovering Brand Insight Through Brand Feedback and Brand Score

A constant rebalancing of how you deliver your brand vs how they periceve it

At ZeBrand, we define branding as aligning the way you want to be perceived with how your audience perceives you. To enhance your branding efforts, we launched a new Brand Insight feature.

Brand Insight

Brand Insight is where you see the collective data about your branding. As you may already know, branding is not a one-and-done process but something you look back on daily, make adjustments if necessary, and maintain consistency on an ongoing basis.

Take a few moments each week to set aside some time to maintain your brand by analyzing your brand's insights based on the two features we are about to introduce.

Brand Feedback

brand feedback

What’s Brand Feedback?

Brand Feedback is a survey feature that helps you learn how your branding elements, such as your mission, logo, and brand colors, are perceived by your target audience.

Send your customers a short 2-minute survey about your brand elements and get their reactions. The responses will then be summarized visually on the Brand Feedback page.

You can uncover if the target audience you set up in Brand DNA matches the target audience your brand is actually reaching and how they perceive your brand.

These are the questions you'll be asking:

2.Overall impression
3.How much does your audience resonate with your mission statement
4.How interested they are in your brand
5.Impression of your logo
6.Impression of your color palette
7.Impression of your typography
8.How much do they recommend your brand
9.How memorable is your brand
10.Free comment section about your brand

How to use Brand Feedback

  1. Go to the Brand Feedback page.
  2. Copy the URL that has been auto-generated by ZeBrand.
  3. Invite your audience to answer your survey by your choice of method, e.g., sending it out in a newsletter or posting it on your website.
  4. Once responses are collected, check the results on the Brand Feedback page.

Tip: Is your survey audience aligned with the target audience and customer personas you have set up in Brand DNA? If not, reconsider where to send your survey.

  1. Review items with low evaluation

Tip: It doesn't mean you always need to make changes to your brand. Consider items to review, such as your target audience, how you get feedback, your brand mission, etc. You can always schedule a 1:1 session with a Brand Coach for advice.

The questions in the feedback form are not editable at the moment.

You can only see the results on the Brand Feedback page.

For inquiries or requests regarding Brand Feedback, please click here.

Brand Score

ZeBrand's Brand Score

What’s Brand Score?

It is a score that is updated in real-time, based on your branding satisfaction, Brand Feedback result, and how active you are on ZeBrand.

The score lets you see which brand items you should review by providing a numerical rating scale. You can view your overall score on your home screen or look into the details on the Brand Score page.

The Brand Score implies the following:

0-44 Something's not right and should be addressed as soon as possible.

45-59 Close to what you desire. Let’s make a minor change.

60-100 Keep up the good work and stay active on branding. Let’s gather feedback in a couple months.

How to use the Brand Score

  1. Finish building your Brand Guidelines and rate how satisfied you are with each of your brand elements
  2. Invite your audience to help you gather feedback through the survey
  3. Your score will be updated in real-time
  4. Tackle the items that need to be improved

Brand Score Example


  • Revisit the part you get a low score for internal effectiveness. You can also consult with a Brand Coach to establish brand elements.
  • If there is a perception gap with the audience, consider changing the target audience or reviewing your brand elements.

Doing this on a regular basis will help you get closer to becoming the brand you want to be.

Make the most of these two new features, and use your brand insights to continue building the brand you envision.