Logo Maker: Using A Logo Generator to Quickly Customize

Logo Maker: Using A Logo Generator to Quickly Customize

Every business needs a great logo. Whether you use a logo generator or design your own logo, it’s an important element of your branding.

Should You Use a Logo Maker or Logo Generator to Customize Your Branding?

Your logo is like the face of your brand. It conveys your personality, your priorities, and your voice, all in one simple picture.

The right logo can significantly boost your business by building familiarity and loyalty. In fact, 73% of customers are more likely to buy from brands they recognize. Your logo is one of the best ways to earn that instant recognition.

Before you use a logo generator or make your own, answer these key questions

What is your brand name?

Before you can start designing your logo or using a logo generator, you have to know what you’re going to call your business. It’s a good idea to look up your state’s business name registry to make sure your name isn’t already taken or similar to an existing business’ name. You’ll also want to pick a name that’s clear, memorable, and easy to read and spell.

What type of logo do you want?

There are three main types: Logotype, logomark, and combination logos.

  • Logotype logos are stylized text. Usually that text is the company’s name, like in the case of Google, Coca-Cola, NASA, or Pinterest.
  • A logomark is a symbol that represents a business without stating that business’ name. Apple uses an apple logomark, Pepsi has a red, white, and blue logomark, and Starbucks uses a green and white mermaid.
  • Combination logos use an icon and text together. Dropbox, UPS, and Dunkin’ Donuts are good examples of this style.

What’s your budget?

Logos can range from free (if you create your own) to thousands of dollars. For example, a Google employee created their original logo for free using a simple graphics editor. But the City of Melbourne in Australia paid $625,000 for their combination logo! Nike’s famous swish cost them only $35 and Twitter’s blue bird only cost $15, but BBC paid a whopping $1.8M for their logo of three black boxes.

There are other considerations you should keep in mind before you start designing or using a logo generator. For an in-depth list, check out our detailed logo guide.

Ready to start the logo process? Get inspired by these powerful logos

Each of these designs is simple, striking, and memorable. These logos feature only one or two colors and are easy to read. While a lot of hard work has gone into building these mega-brands, there’s no doubt that their icon-recognition has played a major role in these companies’ growth.

You don’t have to be a giant company to design your own iconic logo. In fact, you can create your own logo in any design software, including Canva, Adobe Illustrator, or even Google Drawings.

While anyone can create a logo on their own, logo generators take the guesswork (and manual work!) out of design. If you don’t have a background in graphic design or if you’re looking for a quicker logo solution, consider using a logo maker.

These logo generators will streamline your branding process

If you’re using a logo generator instead of creating your own visuals, you're probably wondering which tool is best for your business. While there are dozens of different logo generators out there, these four tools are some of the most popular:

99designs: Create a contest where designers from around the world submit their logo ideas based on your custom guidelines. You’ll get dozens of unique logo ideas to choose from, then can work directly with your favorite designer to further customize your logo.

Looka: Looka uses AI to create your logo and brand assets within minutes. This is a great tool for quick logos, and no design experience is needed.

Logaster: Get hundreds of AI-built logo ideas within seconds. Few start-up questions mean you get instant access to a variety of logo looks and styles.

Tailor Brands: Tailor Brands’ wizard walks you through the logo creation process, providing several unique logos that match your design personality. Once you’ve chosen your favorite, you can further customize the logo to make it all your own.

This is a quick summary of a few popular logo makers. For a full comparison of eight different logo generators, plus the pros and cons of each service, read our logo generator review.

Your brand’s logo is just one chapter of your brand story. At ZeBrand, our comprehensive brand builder helps business owners define their brand strategy, visual identity, and messaging. By crafting each of these crucial elements at the same time, and creating helpful brand guidelines to keep every element in alignment, you can tell every aspect of your brand’s story in one clear voice. That’s why we recommend using a brand builder as you’re making your logo, instead of creating this important visual separately from your other brand elements.

The visual identity section of ZeBrand’s guideline-builder gives you two options: You can upload your own original logo or create a unique logo in minutes using our AI-suggested font and icons.

You can choose to upload your logo or build one yourself

Use ZeBrand’s built-in logo builder

Choose your icon style.

Select your favorite font. Our AI-powered software will do the rest!

Already have a logo? Upload it!

Add your file directly into ZeBrand’s guideline builder to seamlessly add your own logo to your brand book.

No matter which option you choose— creating your logo with ZeBrand’s two logo maker options, or uploading your own— your logo will fit seamlessly into your brand guidelines. ZeBrand’s guideline-builder even allows you to set specific logo usage rules to ensure your logo always looks its best.

We believe it’s crucial that businesses create their brand guidelines and logo at the same time, if possible. That’s why we offer every ZeBrand client a free 7-day trial of our user-friendly branding tool. You can learn more about our powerful tool and claim your own free trial here.

Need more hands-on logo and branding support? ZeBrand can help

Your logo is your brand’s icon. It’s how you’re recognized out there in the great big world. In short, selecting your logo is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make for your business! If you’re ready for expert support when it comes to logo creation, brand design, or strategy, reach out to ZeBrand. We can’t wait to help you build your brand! Get started here.